Today, anyone can work from anywhere with a laptop & WiFi. Enjoying life doesn’t have to be reserved for vacation. There’s something right about sitting in a hammock, soaking up the sun while earning income. Fortunately, you don't have to figure it out for yourself. We know the best jobs and business opportunities for nomads like yourself, so let our experienced nomads be your road map to success!

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Chase and Lindsay of @wereoutandabout use an RV as travel nurse housing

RV & Van Life Is The Best Travel Nurse Housing: 6 Reasons Why

Cross-country travel nursing jobs are an amazing way to make more money and see the country. However, travel nurse housing can be expensive and challenging to find. Some clever healthcare professionals solved the travel nurse housing problem by moving into an RV or a van. Nomad travel nurse Brandon Donnie ( thinks RV travel nursing is ideal: “I literally get

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The Fuller Family (@thefulleradventure) gives roadschool ideas for traveling homeschoolers

16 Proven Roadschool Ideas For Traveling Homeschoolers on the Road

How do you educate in your roadschool? Traveling homeschoolers have boundless opportunities to learn from resources around the world. Some students learn through homeschool travel abroad, while others are living and homeschooling in an RV. What exactly is roadschool? Malinda Fuller of @thefulleradventure, who combines RV travel with homeschool, explains it best: “Full-time nomadic families use the term ‘road-schooling,’ which

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Alexis Nascimento (@neversaysomeday) uses rv internet to work on the road

RV Internet: How 5 Nomads Use Reliable WiFi Hotspots

An RV WiFi hotspot is the most popular way to source RV Internet on the road. RVers increasingly need RV internet to work, school, access information, or stay entertained while traveling. While it is not a perfect RV Internet solution, most areas have cell network data signals, and RV WiFi hotspots don’t require a wired connection. Any hotspot can be

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Diana Ditkof of @beerving_america works as a campground host

11 Types of Work Camping Jobs Perfect for RVers

You may have heard of workamping, seasonal or temporary jobs that include a campsite as part of your compensation. Work camping jobs are a great way to make money while RV traveling. Workampers can explore different areas of the country while they work. When you first think of workamping, you probably imagine a campground hosting job. However, there are many

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Starting a podcast can be done from anywhere

How to Start a Podcast, Easily & Remotely As a Digital Nomad

So you’re a digital nomad, constantly on the move, and you want to start a podcast but don’t know how? Or maybe you’re just looking for ways to make your podcasting process easier while living in an RV, hotel, or other nomadic environments. You can start a podcast remotely, and in this guide, we will teach you the equipment you

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Workamping at Nation Parks is one option for RV campers Image by Joss Fuss @chasingharley

How to Find Workamper & RV Work Camping Jobs

Workamping is a great way to travel and work, especially for full-time RVers. The jobs are temporary, allowing workampers to explore the local area and then move on to a new position and location. Many work camping jobs are part-time, which allows plenty of time for touring and adventures. As the RV work camping jobs include campsites as part of

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digital nomad gear list

Essential Digital Nomad Gear List: Tech, Batteries, Solar & More

Digital nomads can work from anywhere, including home rentals, RVs, coffee shops, hotels, and boats. Whether working as a digital nomad takes you across your country or traveling to international destinations, you need the right gear, tools, and tech to help you stay productive. We asked fellow digital nomads about the tools that help them work remotely. From mobile data

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5 Remote Jobs You Can Do With Almost No Experience Required

5 Remote Jobs You Can Do With Almost No Experience Required

Whether you’re looking to make a career change, grow a side hustle, or get a job you can do from anywhere; Here are 5 ways you can make money while digital nomading. 1. Amazon FBA Seller Fulfilled By Amazon, or FBA means Amazon houses all inventory and ships orders directly to customers as well as handling all customer service issues.

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