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Essential Digital Nomad Gear List: Tech, Batteries, Solar & More

Digital nomads can work from anywhere, including home rentals, RVs, coffee shops, hotels, and boats. Whether working as a digital nomad takes you across your country or traveling to international destinations, you need the right gear, tools, and tech to help you stay productive. We asked fellow digital nomads about the tools that help them work remotely. From mobile data signal boosters to batteries to accessories, we’ve got you covered! If you’re just beginning your journey or looking for an upgrade, read this digital nomad gear list, recommended by others working on the road.

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Digital Nomad Internet Connection

Reliable internet is a requirement that enables most digital nomads to work remotely and travel. Digital nomad internet connection can be difficult to come by in some areas of the world. Digital nomads will use hotspots, satellite internet, or WIFI to stay connected while on the road.

Cost: Starts at $59/year | buy

We won’t delve into the various hotspot options and plans, since that deserves a whole separate article and is constantly changing. However, the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center keeps up with all the current options. A membership to their guides will save you a lot of research in finding the right digital nomad internet connection for you.

Mobile Data Signal Boosters

If you find yourself in an area with poor cell service and need to boost the signal from your current provider, a cell and mobile data signal booster may be the answer. A booster is a digital nomad gear list must, especially for those traveling by RV. There are many brands on the market, but weBoost and King seem to be the most common.

Cost: $480 | buy

Capable of reaching towers at distances up to 33% farther, the weBoost Drive X RV signal booster offers fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster digital nomad internet connection, improved audio and video streaming, and greater hotspot capability — even in remote areas.

Cost: $665 | buy

The KING Extend Go is our most versatile mobile data signal booster yet! With multiple portable and vehicle antennas/mounts plus a collapsible tripod, you can set this powerful booster up anywhere. Designed for RVs, trucks, travel trailers, horse trailers, delivery vehicles, outbuildings, fish houses, tiny houses – includes all you need to boost your cell phone signal EVERYWHERE you go.

Digital Nomad Gear List For Productivity

The more productive digital nomads are at work, the sooner you can go out and explore! This is digital nomad gear list includes items that are compact, easy for travel, and will make the workday more productive.

Cost: $34 | buy

For those who love planning and taking notes with pen and paper, but don’t want to lug notebooks around while they travel, the RocketBook is for you. The RocketBook is a reusable notebook with patented Everlast pages that allow you to erase your notes with water. Before erasing for reuse, scan your notes with the Rocketbook app to store your notes in the cloud storage of your choice. The RocketBook is light, compact, and an eco-friendly alternative to paper notebooks.34

Cost: $70 | buy

Working as a digital nomad from a coffee shop, public space, or in a small RV with your partner requires blocking out distractions and maintaining focus. From Bose to Beats, there’s a lot of noise cancelling headphone brands on there. The Cowin SE7 is a great budget option. These headphones have a long 30 hour battery life, a comfortable design, and come in cheerful color options.

Cost: $79 | buy

If you’re like most digital nomads, caffeine is your best friend! A travel-sized coffee maker is a must for those early morning work sessions (or afternoon slump busters). The Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker is less than 5 inches wide, perfect for small spaces. Brew any cup size between 6-12oz with Keurig K-Cup pods. Just add fresh water for each brew and your coffee will be ready in minutes.

Digital Nomad Tools For Electric Power and Solar

Digital nomads, especially those who work from an RV or outdoors, rely on batteries and sources to power their laptops, phones, and work devices. If you dream of working while boondocking (working without hookups), in the woods, or on the beach, you’re going to want one of these portable power options from our digital nomad gear list.

Cost: $999 | buy

The Jackery Portable Power Station is a lithium ion battery powered generator that can be charged via AC outlet, solar panel, or car charger. The Explorer 1000 can be quickly recharged within 8 hours by connecting 2 SolarSaga 100W solar panels. The Jackery Portable Power Station is perfect for digital nomads who need power laptops and devices on the go.

Cost: $1,799 | buy

Instagram user @grumpypantz13 says “The AC200 is a good source of power without the hassle of having to go fire up the generator. Easy to charge with 3 solar panels.” Keep your equipment running indoors and outdoors. This power station is 2000Wh/2000W Higher Output/Larger Capacity. Its 17 output ports are sure to cover your many devices.

Cost: $80 | buy

This small solar panel folds up for easy transport. It includes two USB ports and can charge most devices, including phones, tablets, digital cameras, and more. It may not be able to charge most laptops, but is a great option for smaller devices that you can toss into a backpack or tote.

Essential Digital Nomad Gear to Create a Workspace

This digital nomad gear list will help create a comfortable workspace anywhere, from RVs to hotels to rental homes. Use these tools to create the perfect mobile office.

Cost: $16 | buy

Save your neck during long workdays. This lightweight, aluminum laptop stand is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. It’s adjustable to several height angles, and folds up small enough to be stashed in a cabinet, bin, or bag in the matter of seconds.

Cost: $146 | buy

A second monitor is handy to make Zoom presentations, spreadsheets, and a range of work smoother and more convenient. Computer monitors take up a lot of space, but this portable computer monitor is the size of a tablet. Its cover doubles as a stand, and easily plugs in via USB-C. 

Cost: $175 | buy

For remote workers who want to take their desk into the great outdoors, you’re going to need a comfy chair. The Sunset is built with a high back for increased support and longer legs so you sit higher off the ground. Instagram user @seeingtheseitz says, “Comfy and inviting outdoor chairs. Makes it so much easier to expand your small space.”

Cost: Starts at $10/year | buy

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Are You Ready to Work With This Digital Nomad Gear List?

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